Building bridges between specialists on computational and empirical risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials

Visit to WUT of Prof. Viktor Zinchenko (PCI) and Dr. Ganna Nechyporenko (PCI)


We visited the Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, between 01.07.2013 and 31.07.2013 within WP 2 “Carrying out experiments to produce necessary data for NPs of apatites”.
During our stay at WUT, We have obtained a large number of empirical data on the structure and size of particles investigated apatites. The data can be useful for computational modeling of toxic potential of different apatites. It was very beneficial for us as researcher to familiarize with methods for study of an average size of apatite particles. We synthesized at PCI, NAS of Ukraine (PCI) in Odessa more than 20 materials and composites based on hydroxy- and fluorapatites, including partially substituted ones. In addition to the composition variation, methods of are varied. Materials are studied by IR spectroscopy (in reflection and transmission modes), and thermal gravimetric analysis, scanning electron microscopy with the local elemental analysis, atomic force microscopy. The colleagues at WUT presented some new vision of a nature of nanotoxicity of particles and agglomerates of nanoparticles of calcium apatite. 10 samples of apatites synthesized at PCI were selected for future testes on nanotoxicity.
Our visit to Warsaw was one of the most interesting and important experiences. Laboratory offered all conditions for our work, and we are greatly acknowledged to Dr. Michal J. Wozniak and his colleagues for the time we had working with them. We are strongly impressed by Warsaw – one of the largest cities in Europe – which is great cultural, scientific and industrial center of Poland.


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