Building bridges between specialists on computational and empirical risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials

Natalie Novoselska (PCI) at Laboratory of Environmental Chemometrics (UG) in Gdansk, Poland

IMG_2015I was working in Laboratory of Environmental Chemometrics (University of Gdańsk) during 4 months (from 04.02.2014 to 31.05.2014). It was second time I have visited University of Gdansk in the framework of NanoBRIGES. Thus, guys from the team of Professor Tomasz Puzyn met me like family.

My work was related to WP3: Development of novel structural descriptors for nanoparticles. Thanks to the support of Tomasz Puzyn and Agnieszka Gajewicz I had real freedom of action. Thus, despite the fact that my work was limited by WP3, I worked in different fields and I can say that work I have done can be classified also as WP4. In particular, I and my colleague (Elena Mokshyna) from PCI (Ukraine) adapted specific statistical methods to QSAR.

During my visit I had nice collaboration not only with scientists from team of Professor Tomasz Puzyn, but also with scientists from other universities. Thus, Professor Bakhtiyor Rasulev from JSU acted as co-supervisor during several parts of my investigation. “Out-of-project” scientists from University of Tatru (Leonid Dorogin, Estonia) also took a part as a consultant, when I tried to evaluate applicability of developed nanostructural descriptors to describe bulk materials.

I want to express my gratitude to the people from NanoBRIGES project for the opportunities to grow for young scientists.


University of Gdansk
Faculty of Chemistry
ul. Wita Stwosza 63
80-952 Gdansk

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