Building bridges between specialists on computational and empirical risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials

Marta Paszkiewicz (UG) in National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Tsukuba

Bez nazwy1I have visited National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Tsukuba (Japan) for 2 months (26.03-02.06.2014) within the NanoBRIDGES project.  The aim of research secondment was to characterize of twenty photocatalysts TiO2 modified with ionic liquids (ILs). The photocatalysts were prepared in Poland by hydrothermal method. The reaction process was assisted by different types of ionic liquids. The effect of IL structure (chain length of the imidazolium cation and anion type) on the crystalline phase (XRD technique) and surface area (BET)of TiO2 particles has been investigated. The photocatalytic activities of samples will be continued in Poland. The photoactivity of TiO2 modified with ionic liquids will be measured in the gas phase (toluene degradation) and liquid phase (phenol degradation).

X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD), is not available in my home institution – University of Gdansk, so this project helped me to get a broader knowledge in the characterization of photoactive materials. Additional benefit is improving my language skills (English) during co-operation with international team. Secondment at NIES was an opportunity not only on scientific area but also chance to meet many interesting people and to see many unforgettable places. I think that participated in the project will have a great influence on my future career.


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