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Kick – off meeting in Gdansk

From 2-3 April 2012, the nanoBRIDGES project held a kick-off meeting in Gdańsk, Poland.

Eight of ten Partner Organizations attended the meeting, representing almost all of the project Partners.

The kick-off meeting held 2 days session. During the first day of the session, the Work Package Leaders presented their organizations and ideas and expectations for the Work Packages (WPs). The Project Leader also familiarized the Partners with the management structures and 7th Framework Programme’s formal requirements.

The second day provided presentations and discussions on research tasks. Clarification of tasks, responsibilities and timelines were also discussed. The Partners also successfully agreed a detailed action plan for the coming months.

It was also good opportunity for the Steering Committee Members to discuss the role of the Work Package (WP) as operational unit, Work Package Leaders as managers of the WPs, responsibilities of WP leaders, and some general comments on communication and interaction between the WPs.

The Partners also discussed and approved the general policy for the Management Committee and the Steering Committee, they also discussed the expectations from the kick-off meeting, as well as the role of Research Group Leaders.

The Partners also reviewed the outcomes from the kick-off meeting.

On behalf of the Coordinator,  thank You All for such a fruitful meeting and we hope that it was not last project meeting in such a large group!


University of Gdansk
Faculty of Chemistry
ul. Wita Stwosza 63
80-952 Gdansk

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