Building bridges between specialists on computational and empirical risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials

Karolina Jagiełło (UG) at Jackson State University (ICN)

IMG_1716Between 18 of June to 20 of July I was visiting Jackson State University (USA). The secondment was conducted within Work Package 4: Development of novel NanoQSAR methodologies.

During my short visit in ICN I was working on the application of 3D QSAR models for nanoparticles. I discussed with researches from ICN involved in the project the efficiency of two the most widely applied QSAR approaches, such as: Hansch analysis and CoMFA/CoMSIA techniques. This activity is related to the TASK 4.3 in the project proposal and Description of Work (Annex I of the Grant Agreement).

Although, the visit was very short, it was very fruitful. I had the opportunity to practise my scientific communication in international research group. I think that this experience is very important in my academic career.


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