Building bridges between specialists on computational and empirical risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials

Alicja Mikołajczyk (UG) at Jackson State University (ICN)

IMG_0027I have visited Jackson State University (USA) between 18 of June to 17 of August. I was working within Work Package 3 Development of novel structural descriptors for nanoparticles. However the work in Dr Leszczynski Group from the Interdisciplinary Center of Nanotoxicity was so fruitful for my research career that I used the opportunity to extend my visit at JSU to 5 months.

Thanks to cooperation with Dr Leszczynski and his team I greatly expanded my knowledge about the Density Functional Theory modeling. With their help I learned how to design proper models in perspective of their expected purpose. I also learned how to used computational methods to calculate physical chemical properties of solid states, especially of TiO2(anatase) supported Au8 clusters.

Secondment at Interdisciplinary Center of Nanotoxicity was a great opportunity, not only to broaden my scientific horizons, but also to meet fantastic, inspiring people, full of passion and dedication. I want to express my gratitude to the people from ICN group for the opportunities to grow for young scientists.


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